Download picLab 1.0

picLab is loaded with awesome features to make your life easier. Remember—picLab is completely no-cost, so you're free to share it with your friends.

Seamless Flickr integration

picLab is ready-made for use with Flickr, so you can easily share screenshots with your friends.

Multi-Platform Goodness

Windows, Mac, and Linux all support picLab—so everyone can use it.

Cool Configuration

Configuration is so easy in picLab—everything from picture quality to privacy levels can be customized in a snap.

Patience is a Virtue

picLab will sit in your system tray, and take a screenshot when you click the icon—so there's no need for constantly restarting it.


  • Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system
  • GTK+
  • Perl
  • Approximately 20 MB of hard drive space